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The “Rose of Jericho” is an amazing and fascinating plant. When placed into a bowl filled with just a little bit of water, it will open within a few hours and its leaves will turn green. If taken out of the water, it will dry out again, roll up and its leaves will turn back to brown. This cycle can be repeated endlessly.

For this reason, the plant is also called “the plant of resurrection”. It is said to bring luck to the owner and is passed on from generation to generation.
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The plants are of the species “selaginella lepidophylla” and their origin is Mexico.

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The symbolic of this transition and the uniqueness of each individual plant makes it a perfect gift. It sells especially well to esoteric people, in new age shops and for events and rituals such as baptism and birth, but is also a universal bestseller in online shops, market stalls and local stores.


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Small green opened rose of jericho plant
Smaller Rose of Jericho Plant opened up and turned green after several hours in a water filled bowl

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