The problems of being a Florist

Being a florist can be a real pain in the a**. The problems never end – and don’t mention the working hours! Just think about how your fingers look like after having made wreaths for 12 hours in a row!

And there’s so much more to go… from combining tree sap and glitter on your hands (don’t touch your face, honey! – ah, don’t matter, it’s already everywhere…) to handling customers asking for a Bouquet for 6$ to seven open cans of leaf shine in your drawer. Ah well and don’t mention the combination of rose thorns and hand sanitizer. None of the ten clippers in store will work. 30 centerpieces made for tomorrow, now!

And even worse: to throw away half of your hard work every week. The perils of a perishable business. There’s nothing that’s going to solve that problem, as that is the nature of being a florist. But there are a few products that can make your life easier, as then and now it’s great to sell an item that is just so easy to handle.

The “Rose of Jericho”* is one of them – and don’t worry, it ain’t a real Rose 😉 These plants from the selaginella lepidophylla species are actually desert plants from the spikemoss family.

Dry Rose of Jericho Plants (selaginella lepidophylla)
Dry Rose of Jericho Plants (selaginella lepidophylla)

In their dry state, the plants look like dead brown balls. But as soon as they get in contact with water, their appearance will change into this:

Green Rose of Jericho Plant
Green Rose of Jericho Plant (picture by Malchus Kern Wholesale)

Each plant has its own individual appearance, they come in different sizes and forms, but they all have the ability to turn from brown, appearingly dead plants, into lush, green and open plants. Therefore they are also called “the plant of resurrection”, which is especially attractive for Christian or spiritual customers in the Eastern or Christmas season. But most customers are able to sell the throughout the whole year.

But they’re not only easy to handle, they are “evergreen” plants in a sense that they need to treatment whatsoever and they won’t perish (just put them on display with some nice pictures along with they’re story and your sold – no more handling, they can stay there without light, water, soil, whatsoever for years), the also return a good profit of around 300-700%, depending on your retail price.

Even better, they have many legends and stories told about them and are even included in some prayers, as you can read in my other blog posts. So go on and try your next item – get them on amazon now!*

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