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About the Rose of Jericho & how to take care of these plants

The plants which I am selling are of the species Selaginella lepidophylla, with many common names such as «Rose of Jericho»*, «false Rose of Jericho», «Doradilla Flower», «Jericho Herb», «Jericho Herb», «Dinosaur Moss Plant», «Plant of resurrection», «Resurrection moss», «Siempre Viva», «Stone Flower», «Flor de piedra», «Flor de Jerico», «Rosa de Jerico», «Rose of St Mary», «Mary’s Prayer Hands» and many more.

This species, a desert plant of the spikemoss family, is grown especially in Mexico and origins from South America. As this is a natural plant item, each Rose of Jericho is unique in its form and size!

In order to avoid any misunderstandings I would like to point out that this plant is not actually from the middle east (there’s another species called «Anastatica», which is often called «The real Rose of Jericho») and has gotten its name as of its similar appearing to «Anastatica», but its production price is much more profitable and its appearance of the «resurrection» is in fact much more appealing than the one from the « Anastatica » species.

Another common misconception about the Selaginella lepidophylla species is, that it is not infact «coming back from the dead», as the plant is not alive anymore after it has been revived for the first time. Any further unfolding is just a physical effect  but nevertheless, it is indeed a beautiful plant and effect, so this should not bother  you nor your customers!

How to take care of Selaginella lepidophylla / The Rose of Jericho plants

The good news is, there’s not much you can do wrong when taking care of your Rose of Jericho plant!

  • Still, there are a few simple things you should consider:
  • If warm water is used to revive the plants, the transition is much faster
  • Do not leave the plant in the water for longer than one week in a row
  • Change the water daily in order to avoid mold
  • After having left the plant in water for one week, give it a “holiday” of at least two weeks to dry out again

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Doradilla Flower Green Open
Rose of Jericho (Selaginella lepidophylla) having soaked in warm water for a few hours – green and lush!

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