Rose of Jericho Small Bulk Dry
Smaller Rose of Jericho Plants in their dry form
Rose of Jericho Middle Round Bulk Dry
Middle sized nicely round-shaped Rose of Jericho plants
Rose of Jericho opening up
A Rose of Jericho begins to open up, still mostly brown coloured
Rose of Jericho opening up green after several hours
After several hours in preferably warm water, the leaves have turned green and the plants is open – an amazing transition!


Rose of Jericho open green
It is no surprise that this plant is also called “the plant of resurrection” – selling very good to christian customers and especially in the easter time!

Always keep a plant open and green so that everyone can see this process!

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Roses of Jericho Mixed Bulk Plants Dry
An example of how different this plant can be formed – a natural product! Small, big, round, weirdly shaped – but always the same function…
Roses of Jericho Mixed Bulk Plants Dry
…turning from a brown, dry looking ball into a green and opened up plant.

Roses of Jericho Mixed Bulk Plants Dry
And not to forget our fantastic unique DELUXE semi-precious stone filled Roses of Jericho – an amazing gift!

Doradilla Flower Deluxe plant with precious stone inside
Each plant is unique. And these DELUXE plants have a surprise inside!

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