Social Entrepreneurship

A business should, in my ideal vision, be an organisation that is made to serve. You and me!
It shouldn’t just be there to make more and more money. It should make sense. I want to have the feeling that what I am doing in my daily life works towards something good. One of the core permaculture ethics is fair share.

Even though I might not have as much income as I’d like to have, I still have more money than most people in the world have. Come and check out these stats from the World Food Programme. It’s unbelievable.

Some 795┬ámillion people in the world do not have enough food to lead a healthy active life. That’s about one in nine people on earth.

I am aware of the fact that I am very lucky. I life in a country, where I can go and see a doctor whenever I want to, for almost no costs. I am never hungry. I live in a warm home. And I like what I do for a living. And I do have a living – being with my family, in my garden and not having to worry too much on how to pay my next rent. That’s why I want to give back.

Here are some projects I donated to – and yes, they are not all working against world hunger. But most of them are somewhat related to sustainable agriculture, which is a key factor to a life worth living. I try to support local projects, so that the difference can be seen. And I try to support directly, mostly through crowdfunding, as that is a way to ensure communication. I can follow the development and the success of these projects. I don’t want to be an outsider, who just donates some money and minds his own business. This world is my business. And I want to support those, who mind about my world too. We share this world. My business is part of the sharing economy, as far as possible for me.

Agrikultur Festival Freiburg 2015 (Agriculture Festival) – a festival to celebrate local agriculture and connect farmers with consumers
H.E.M.P. Hanfsamen-Ernte-Maschine-Projekt (Hemp Harvester Machine Project) – hemp is a renewable and multifunctional resource!)
MenschUndNatur – a platform and shop connecting organic food producers with consumer.
Das Wunder von Mals – a documentary about an Alpine Townships battle to ban pesticides from being used in their region.
Amanda Palmer – Even though I am a seller by heart and I love to do this, I believe that there are certain things that should not depend on selling well. Art is one of them. I’ve been a supporter of Amanda Palmer for ten years now. Art needs to be free from financial pressure!