Papillon Premium Incense

I started my wholesale business with one product; the Rose of Jericho. But along the way, I’ve always had more products available and my business is expanding. I have one mission: to find and supply unusual products and trends for you.

Papillon Premium Incense

Papillon Premium Incense is my own brand of Incense, imported directly from India and packaged in my own facilities.

These high quality Masala Incense sticks are hand rolled and the fragrant parts are 100% natural, derived from various plant parts.

The scents are heavy and rich and made to be used in your everyday life. The scent will linger in the air for hours to go.

Each package contains 8 Sticks.




Currently, Papillon Premium Incense is available in four scent:

Nag Champa – the worlds most popular Incense fragrance has a woody, slightly sweet smell. It will remind you of the hippie days.

Vanilla – a scent everyones knows. Richly sweet and tropical.

Sandal Woods – a dry earthy and woody fragrance. Still heavy and rich, as all Papillon Premium scents are.

Natural Rose – sweet, fruity, floral. A classical Indian scent.

Why should I sell Papillon Premium Incense sticks?

I guess with Incense, you’ll have to make a choice:

  • sell the classics and nothing else
  • sell the classics + one special brand
  • sell a wide variety and make your shop stand out with your huge choice

Both of the latter will make you have more than just the usual stuff. As Papillon Premium Incense is NOT one of the usual brands, it can make you stand out. You’ll have something that most other shops won’t have. Malchus Kern Wholesale supplies Papillon Premium Incense only to selected retailers! It is a brand, that will be recognized as something more than your usual stuff.

If you’ve never tried Incense before, our brands heavy and rich scent will give your local store or market stall an addition, as it will attract customers through it’s scent lingering in the air. Online Shops won’t have that advantage – good for you, unfortunate for them 😉

Malchus Kern Wholesale will also support you with all your marketing needs, not only for our products. If you need a graphic, just let me know and I will try to make it for you as soon as possible. But for our own products, we will supply you with pictures for your online shop, your Social Media content, such as giveaways and sales and much more.
Every order of Incense Sticks contains sample sticks for your customers.

But Malchus Kern Wholesale offers more than just Papillon Premium Incense!
As our Incense is packaged in our own facilities, we can offer you your very own custom designed Shops brand.Please send me a message, so we can discuss all the details.