Natural Gift Stock Lots

As I am always on the lookout for the best products that will bring my customers a good return profit, I get my hands on some special gift product stock lots. These lots may be overstocks, end of lines or B Quality items from company liquidations. They’re always a bargain and a fantastic product to attract customers. Send a message to contact (at) if you’re interest in any of these.

Currently available:

Big Lot of B Quality Mixed Scarves, Shawls and Bandanas /over 1000 pieces available

Recommended Retail Price 2.00-4.00€ per piece

I recommend to order at least 300 mixed pieces, so that you’ll have a good choice.

These scarves are B Quality, as they’re been sold in stores before and might have some minor defects. The price is accordingly designed to let you sell them for a retail price, that is able to reflect this. For this retail price, I would have sold them in a few months, back in those days, in which I had a shop! They’re only sold in mixed lots!

Let’s have some pictures:

Scarves Stock Lot 1

Scarves Stock Lot 2

Scarves Stock Lot Picture 3

Scarves Stock Lot 4

Scarves Stock Lot 5

Scarves Stock Lot 6

Scarves Stock Lot 7

Scarves Stock Lot 8

Scarves Stock Lot 9

Scarves Stock Lot 10