DELUXE Rose of Jericho

The Rose of Jericho is not only a great present for a good friend or something you bring back from your holiday, it also resembles the resurrection – not only in the Christian sense but also in general. Therefore it is perfect to offer it you the guests of a marriage or baptism or any other event which you’d like your guests to remember for years!

For these very special occasions, we have developed a product which your guests WILL remember:
a Rose of Jericho which will present, as it opens, something inside – a semi-precious stone!

Have a look!

Baptism gift - the plant of resurrection
Pictures of opened up roses will have a great effect to show your customers the beauty…
Rose of Jericho with precious stone and flowers
…especially when displayed in a natural surrounding such as with flowers or close to water.
Closing - rose of jericho with grey precious stone
A rose closing up again, hiding its treasure from the eye of the beholder…
Esoteric gifts in bulk - doradilla flowers with precious stones
…use these pictures to show them what’s inside!
Individual gifts for individual customers - rose of jericho
As this is a natural product, each rose if unique – even more with a stone inside! Simply deluxe!
Natural art - a gift of nature. The Rose of Jericho.
Not only a great gift, almost a piece of art on display!
Natural plants - perfect product for garden centres.
As a customer of mine, you have the opportunity to use these pictures for your display – just ask me and you’ll get them in a good quality.

These Rose of Jericho DELUXE can be supplied with different stone fillings and in different sizes of Roses:

  • Rose of Jericho filled with mixed coloured tumbled semi-precious stones
  • Rose of Jericho filled with mixed coloured raw semi-precious stones
  • Rose of Jericho filled with uniform coloured tumbled semi-precious stones
  • Rose of Jericho filled with uniform coloured raw semi-precious stones

If you are interested in getting these Rose of Jericho DELUXE, please contact me for more information and conditions or you can buy the ready to be shipped ones.

If you would like to have a certain stone or any other filling, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will see if it is possible!

Please note that these might have a longer delivery time, you can find more details at the “wholesale” page.