Custom Brand Products

Malchus Kern Wholesale is not only specialized on natural gift products, but also offers the service to tailor products in a wy, that most other companies won’t or can’t do. We can offer customized packaging with your brand and logo and in your language for most of our products – either with a design provided by you or made by our graphic designer.
If you are interested in buying any of my products with your own design, just send me a message to contact (at)
The Rose of Jericho plants can be delivered to you in many ways. Some of our customers only need really tiny plants, other need plants that have a nice and round ball form and should no succeed the size of 8cm. The there’s those that need only bigger plants and some need a certain mixture. We can also offer the plants to be packaged in a transparent bag, along with a leaflet in your language.
Rose of Jericho in transparent bag
The leaflet can be custom designed by our graphic designer.

Bagged Selaginalla lepidophylla

Doradilla Flower in transparent custom designed pack

Custom packaged Rose of Jericho Plants for the retail

The Rose of Jericho DELUXE hides a small semi-precious stone inside of the plant. You can choose from a huge variety of different stones, forms or even other waterproof items. The Rose of Jericho is a very unusual gift wrapping, so to say.
An unusual gift wrapping
A natural and very unusual gift wrapping. The Rose of Jericho.
Our Premium Incense Sticks, hand rolled in India, can easily be equipped with a package and design of your choice. Even for small shops, our service is affordable. The huge advantage: this Incense is only available in your store – nowhere else to find! One of the best products to have in a custom design!
Here’s our own brand design, called “Papillon Premium Incense”:

Premium Incense Sticks are available for your design

Premium Incense Sticks available for custom design
Premium Incense Sticks available for custom design