Get to know me

I think that “business” is not only money or goods changing sides but also an interaction between different companies. And these companies are run by people, which we should not forget – and those people are you and me!

Therefore I would like to give you a chance to get to know me a bit more than the usual! Firstly, here’s a picture of me, taken by L+aura herself!

Malchus Kern - a portrait by L+aura
I was born in Germany and have already lived in England, France and Germany. I really appreciated all those years in France and England and it was a great opportunity to learn things and to get to know people and I am quite sure that these influences are a big part of who I am now. But after several years abroad from where I grew up, I finally decided that I wanted to move back to where I came from. I am now back in Germany, near the Lake of Constanze and I am very happy about this decision, which was not easy, as I left many friends and a lovely place at Cluny, France, behind. But it makes me very happy to look out of the window and to see the lake of constanze and further away the alpes. Definetily worth a vacation!

I like to be in nature and I love to work with the eart, gardening, planting and harvesting homegrown food, directly onto the table (you can buy no such thing as a sunriped tomato straight from the vine!). For several years now I’ve been studying permaculture, which is a branch of ecological design, ecological engineering, and environmental design that develops sustainable architecture and self-maintained agricultural systems modeled from natural ecosystems. (If you would to know more about this, check it out on wikipedia My dream is that one day I will have my proper piece of land with a small forest garden on it where one can wander around and find something edible at every step 😉

I also like to have a good time with my friends and my family and play some games.

I have been selling stuff since I was sixteen, both online and offline. I really appreciate the independence which I can have by selling online and there’s another thing I really like about it: my items get to see the world, as I am sending stuff pretty much everywhere 🙂

Finally, I am sure that you understand that there might be some mistakes here and there, as english is not my first language, but we are all different  and human and that is a great thing!